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Technology-based operational excellence

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We’ve built very robust technology to support the most complex retail logistics operations. Our hands-on experience processing +10 million orders around the world makes us the ideal partner to solve the logistical problems associated with growing an online grocery operation at scale.

Express deliveries in under an hour or scheduled, always spot on.

Scale your operations without sacrificing customer experience.

Reduce operating costs and improve your team's productivity.

Enhanced picking efficiency
Prioritize customer experience with efficient order fulfillment from the store, darkstore or warehouse.
Smooth order fulfillment

Real-time control of all tasks, including pending or replaced items. Scan barcodes or manually select products.

Real-time communications

Humanize the shopping experience with live chats designed to delight customers. Effectively handle stock breakage and product substitutions with ease.

Optimal picking routes

Reduce picking times with personalized picking routes based on your store's layout. Easily map your stores, dark stores or picking centers for enhanced efficiency.


Cut picking times and improve efficiency through a multi-order picking system that allows pickers to simultaneously select, in a single route, products for multiple orders. 

Smart deliveries
Improve delivery performance and profitability.
Store-to-door in under an hour

Ultra fast or same-day delivery, as sharp as the best on-demand apps.

Always right on time

Sync with Google/Waze for optimal delivery routes to guarantee on-time arrivals, everytime.


Ensure flexibility in the execution without relying on external suppliers: dedicated fleets, outsourced on-demand, or a crowdsourced network.

Diverse operating models

Manage different delivery formats in an integrated way: express or routed home deliveries, including “Pick & Collect” and delivery with storage.

Dynamic routing
Achieve time and resource optimization through a routing module that factors in utilization, vehicle type, distance between deliveries, live traffic and other decisive factors.
Effortless operational control
Powerful and easy-to-manage OMS (order management system)
Full management and control

Real-time order traceability from beginning to end. Keep every piece of the logistics operation working in an orchestrated way.

Predictive flags system

Put out “operational fires” with a predictive, centralized and scalable flags system that assigns resolution responsibility proactively.

Customizable back office

Our software is tailored specifically to your business needs. Turn-on the alerts that more significantly impact your operational efficiency and your team's performance. 

Delightful delivery experiences
Exceed your customers' expectations and redefine what's possible.
Live order tracking

Let customers know every stage of their order, from the moment it starts to when it’s arriving with automatic SMS notifications and live map tracking.

Smart Checkout

Automated checkout process aligned with your operational capacity to offer dynamic and accurate delivery slots.

Open communications

Allow customers to directly call or message their driver (including multimedia), dispatcher or support without friction.

Contactless delivery

We offer solutions for the current context to satisfy your customers’ needs and provide them with the safest delivery experience.

End-to-end logistics platform
Improved capacity planning

Optimize your resource utilization rate and day-to-day operation by accurately planning your logistics capabilities at a store, fleet, day and time level.


Forget about complex task assignments with our powerful pairing algorithms. Reduce time and costs by assigning each task to the optimal set of resources.

Powered by data

Track performance in real-time at granular levels and discover key insights to drive your operational decisions at scale.

Frictionless integrations
Seamlessly connect your website, mobile app, online ordering system, ERP or inventory management system with our developer-friendly API.
Edwin Cardenas

“By working with Instaleap we gained time and scalability to fulfill our mission of providing Mexico's best online groceries experience. We understood that developing a similar technology on our own could take at least 3 years of work and investment, so we made the decision to push aside previous technological investments and take the fast-track that Instaleap guaranteed.”

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